Safire High Performance Cable Wraps


fire rated cable tray sleeves, economical and fully tested alternative to Rockwool, Hilti, Astraflame,Tenmat,Safeguard,Envirograf etc.Safire® High Performance Silicone

Wrap is a silicone coated fibreglass protective cable sleeve, with VCO (Velcro) closure, for protectionof cables and leads during construction or remedial works where flame or sparks may create a danger to cable run installations.

The cable wrap provides heat and flame resistance to potential hazards such as sparks from welding or blow torch flame. The silicone coated wrap is also splash-proof to protect from accidental rain or water spillage ingress.

Safire® High Performance Cable Wrap offers continuous protection at working temperatures from: -54°C up to +260°C (from -65°F to +500°F) and 1000°C (1832°F) for short period exposures up to 20 minutes. It is also resistant to chemical agents.


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