Safire® Intumescent Fire Strip is a soft, extruded linear gap seal for use in conjunction with soffit head details or other situations where a small gap requires fire sealing. When exposed to flames and heat, Safire® Fire Strip undergoes controlled expansion or intumescence, reacting to form a carbonised foam. This char resists the passage of smoke and flames and helps to insulate the metal channel beneath.

  • Providing upto 120 minutes fire resistance in accordance with BS476 part 22
  • Suitable for use in fire partition walls and floors and other areas
  • Self adhesive, no mechanical fix required
  • 1.3mm thickness but will expand upto 25x in event of fire
  • Cost effective
  • Easily cut to size to minimise wastage
  • No mastic required
  • Can be fitted flush offering a clean solution
  • Allows for movement when used in a deflection head detail
  • Simple to install, no special tools or skills
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Long shelf life
  • Non hazardous





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