• Maintains the fire protection performance of the wall- preventing or delaying the spread of fire for up to 120 minutes.

• Prevents or delays fire from entering a wall cavity and attacking the building structure.

• Cover even works when fitted back-to-back in uninsulated walls.

• Provides an effective acoustic barrier to both impact and airborne sounds.

• Covers fit in seconds.

• The covers are pre-formed to fit the boxes.

• Simple and fast mechanical fixing, no adhesives, no mess.

• Can be fitted in dusty conditions.

• Can be retro fitted to existing sockets / switches or fitted during wall construction.

• Covers can be stapled in position if fitted during wall construction.

• Replaces time consuming plasterboard lining of sockets / switches.

• The switch / socket box can be removed without disturbing or replacing the cover.

• No additional screws, drilling or support required- saves money.

• Covers available to fit both single & double boxes.

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